PT Nearco Animal Feed is the leading importer and distributor of horse feed and animal feed in Indonesia, and is a prominent player in the Indonesian animal feed market, providing essential products to customers nationwide. Backed by years of experience in the animal feed industry, NEARCO has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality feed to meet customer demand.

NEARCO has established strategic partnerships with leading animal feed manufacturers from key regions such as Europe and Australia, providing a wide range of animal feed products that cater to various animal types. This extensive range of feeds has contributed to the company's success in supplying reliable and high-quality products, generating customer trust and satisfaction.

In addition to the animal feed products, NEARCO has an efficient supply chain management system, ensuring that animal feed products are efficiently distributed to the animal feed dealers and retailers across Indonesia. The service level provided has proven to enhance the customer's experience and ensure optimum product availability.

Our company commitment to animal care extends beyond animal feed retail. The company has partnered with veterinarian clinics and animal welfare groups, providing technical support to horse owners and animal farmers on improving animal welfare practices.

Moreover, NEARCO has invested in the latest technology providing user-friendly e-commerce interfaces with an efficient payment and transaction system for customers. This is coupled with cost transparency and accessible delivery methods, making animal food products accessible to customers in retail and B2B.

In conclusion, as the leading importer and distributor of horse feed and animal feed products in Indonesia, NEARCO have proven to be reliable, efficient and customer oriented. The company's focus on quality and animal welfare, combined with experience, strategic partnerships and technological innovations, have helped establish itself as an industry leader in Indonesia's animal feed market.